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  • Successfully go-to-market in time for the “shopping season”.


  • Running out of time.

    The health insurance market has a finite “shopping season”. The team was 6 months behind schedule with only 90 days left before consumers could buy.

  • Messy database.

    In the middle of a system transition, the team struggled to work with a large list of unengaged and unsegmented leads.

  • Low conversions.

    A combination of suboptimal tech integration and poor templates led to low conversions. On average: 9% open rate, 0.40% CTR and 2% demo form completion.


  • Technical audit and optimization

    Optimized Act-On’s configuration and integration with Salesforce, including data clean-up, validation, and segmentation.

  • Blueprint for success

    Designed and developed new Act-On High-Conversion Master Templates, refined messaging and mapped nurture strategy to accelerate the product launch.

  • Rapid execution

    Launched 3 automated campaigns to re-engage, nurture, and convert leads in time for the shopping season. Enabled sales to control lead flow to facilitate follow-up with advanced automation logic.


Generated $1.76M

in sales opportunities

The 3 programs generated 1,556 MQLs and 521 sales opportunities, adding $1.76M to the sales pipeline, and resulting in $405K of won business.

28% increase

in sales demos

Dramatically improved engagement metrics with an average of 40.2% open rate, 5,83% CTR and 30% demo form completion.

2,600% ROI

on first project

The success of this initial effort paved the way for future growth, and together we went on to build several high-impact campaigns.

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