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  • Spark sales opportunities with senior executives at Top 500 retailers.


  • "Dead" list

    The team was tasked with targeting a small list of cold leads, comprised of unengaged senior executives at Top 500 retailers

  • No insights

    Previous cold calling and email attempts netted zero results making it difficult to understand which messages and offers may resonate best with this audience.

  • Pressure from above

    Marketing was under enormous pressure to generate sales meetings for two different solutions. Determining the best strategy to accomplish this with limited bandwidth was overwhelming.


  • STOP. Evaluate and segment

    Analyzed the available data and content to create mini target segments and inform the successful campaign strategy.

  • New templates, Good ol' tactics

    Built new High-Conversion Master Templates, and leaned on proven email tactics such as the “Second Chance”, the “Pick the Plums”, and the “Power Forward”.

  • High-performance automation

    Implemented our 5-Step Blueprint to launch role based automation with optimal Salesforce integration – enabling sales to pause, suppress and re-nurture leads.


5 new sales opportunities

with Top 500 retailers

Booked face-to-face meetings with senior executives at target accounts like Barnes & Nobles and Lush.

Built the foundation

for success

The team adopted new templates, best practices and tactics to dramatically improve campaign results and time to launch.

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